Google, Apple Silently Installed COVID-19 Tracker on Your Phone?

Google and Apple have silently inserted a COVID 19 exposure sensor in every android and iPhone without even letting the users know about it, let’s find out if the same is true.

Several people are forwarding this message on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook that the COVID-19 exposure sensor has been installed on every single Android and iPhone device. The message says that it is activated once Bluetooth is turned on.

The Forwared Message

However it is impossible to “insert a sensor” on a device because the sensor is a physical object, it’s hardware which means that it can’t be installed via an app or a software update, hence this claim is false.

COVID-19 notification settings in Android

A new service has been introduced on both iOS and Android device but they require a participating application to turn on the COVID-19 exposure setting.

UK’s fact-checking organization Full Fact has also confirmed that the claim is completely false. The news has some sort has truth in it, Apple and Google are combinedly working on a contact tracing software for COVID 19 but keep in mind that it will need the permission of the user to operate on your device and no one is able to install a COVID-19 tracker to your device remotely.

This kind of misinformation will not benefit the situation, hence one should only believe in the news if it is coming from a verified source.