With the demand of Gaming and Low cost internet in 2022. Jio took the perfect step to introduce a cloud based gaming service.

Now, Jio Cloud Gaming is a cloud based gaming platform that allows players to play a wide range of AAA titles. Ranging to hyper-casual games without having to wait for installs, downloads, or updates. The service currently has 50+ free games.

Hence I decided to check some of the games. And the also have a free offer, how to apply for it, i’ll let explain.

What exactly is Jio Cloud Gaming?

Jio Cloud Gaming is a Jio’s very own cloud gaming platform that has plenty of games for gamers. The cloud gaming service offers a plathora of games ranging from AAA Titles to Hyper Casual games split across various genres.

A cloud gaming platform is just cloud (internet-based) platform where the games are installed on the service provider’s servers, just like Google Stadia. This implies that you do not need a separate dedicated device, such as a console, to use the cloud gaming service. The apps would be installed on Jio’s servers, and all you’d need is a device that supports them to use them.

It can even run on Jio Book, or maybe not. Check out the specs of Jio Book here.

Who Can use Jio Cloud Gaming?

The Jio Gaming Cloud service is not only available to Jio customers, but across all operators. Reliance has made the cloud gaming service available to everyone, irrespective of your telecom service provider.

How to access Jio Cloud Gaming?

Well, it’s very simple. It’s just like visiting any other website on the internet. I was interested in Cloud Gaming due to my old laptop, that cannot run simple apps. So just a browser and a game, did wonders for me.

Let’s begin with accessing the website – you can even click the link, Visit Cloud Gaming service.

Jio Cloud Gaming is currently in beta with around 50 free games. And this seems to be a good start.

Jio Cloud Gaming

Depending on where you want to play the games, select the platform. I went with the desktop and chose Web App.

Web App

After that, ofCouse they asked me to enter and verify my phone number.

Phone number verification

Once verified, click on Genres and select the game you want to play.

Game Geners

And if you are wondering what all games jio offers, check out the image below.

Games offered

Well i decided to go with Ben 10. Seems like fun, isn’t, it.


Once everything is in place, choose the Library Title you want to play. Make sure that you have a 5GHz WiFi connection with a minimum speed of 30mbps, to enjoy lag free experience. Though it will work with 4G, but still a broadband connection is always better.

Note that to play on your smartphone, you need to have an Android device and to play games from your on Setup-box(STB) you need to have Jio Setup Box. You may also apply for the JioGaming Cloud 50 free games offer by following the identical steps outlined above.

That’s all you need, though it might not be for everyone but if you are getting bored and want to have some fun without installing the game on your computer. Then this is what you should go for.

Here are some of the screenshot from the game mentioned above.

The release date has not yet been released, But you may expect the it get released soon.