Well the famous game Among Us will now be available on VR. During Meta Connect we were treated to some new games coming to the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, including the long-awaited VR port of the still ludicrously popular Among Us.

Now, that game has a release date: Among Us VR launches on November 10th. As the content of the game remain the same as earlier, you can play with up to nine other people as you work to repair your spaceship and avoid an untimely murder at the hands of crewmates (whose VR hands look just as uncanny valley upsetting as those realistic Kirby feet.)

Among Us was one of those lightning in a bottle games. Launched in 2018, the pandemic exploded the game’s popularity so much that celebrities and politicians play just as much as your 12-year-old nephew might. Innersloth has been hard at work improving the game, adding cosmetics and a new level in addition to the VR port announced at last year’s Game Awards.