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Category: APPS

WhatsApp Search by Date feature : WhatsApp has introduced a new search functionality that revolutionizes message retrieval

March 1, 2024 0

This enhancement aims to optimize the app’s search capabilities, providing users with a more efficient way to navigate extensive chat…

Top 5 Meditation Applications for Android: Cultivate Inner Peace on the Go

February 19, 2023 1

In today’s fast-paced world, meditation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce stress, improve focus, and cultivate inner…

Twitter users with two-factor enabled authentication are experiencing difficulties logging into their accounts

December 16, 2022 1

Twitter users are facing login issues. Why am i even bothered as I also cannot login into my twitter account…

I tried Jio Cloud Gaming and It’s GREAT

December 16, 2022 3

With the demand of Gaming and Low cost internet in 2022. Jio took the perfect step to introduce a cloud…

Create Your AI Avatar using these AMAZING APPS

December 15, 2022 1

With the recent breakthroughs in AI picture generator technology, you can generate realistic graphics and AI Avatar of yourself from…

Friendly Streaming Browser – Now Stream Anything On Mac

December 5, 2022 1

Are you looking for a streaming app for mac, which can help you watch any platform you like? Then yes,…

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