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I tried Jio Cloud Gaming and It’s GREAT

With the demand of Gaming and Low cost internet in 2022. Jio took the perfect step to introduce a cloud based gaming service. Now, Jio Cloud Gaming is a cloud based gaming platform that allows players to play a wide range of AAA titles. Ranging to hyper-casual games without having …

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Create Your AI Avatar using these AMAZING APPS

With the recent breakthroughs in AI picture generator technology, you can generate realistic graphics and AI Avatar of yourself from text input. You don’t need any artistic or technical abilities to do this! The most advanced artificial intelligence art generators may transform the way we make art in the future. …

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Download Anime Wallpaper for your Phone

Download Free Anime Wallpaper For Your Phone

We are fan of Anime, and if you want to download Anime Wallpaper For Your Phone. We have 4k Anime Wallpaper for your smartphone. Free Anime Wallpaper For Your Phone For those who don’t know about Anime, Anime is a Japanese word that refers to hand-drawn or computer animation. The …

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iPhone SE 4

iPhone SE 4 – Everything we know so far

iPhone SE 4, Apples affordable line up is soon to hit the market. But that has still a long way to go. Apple is working on a revised version of the low-cost iPhone SE. And which we all know will include some significant upgrades to put it in line with …

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New Apple M2 Mac Leaks are INTRESTING

Well, though we were not waiting for the same but Geekbench testing results have revealed unannounced Mac hardware. A pair of unannounced Macs have now been discovered. This comes as Apple is largely expected to announce new MacBook Pro and Mac Studio models in early 2023. The Apple’s M2 Mac …

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Apple iPhone USB-C

Apple Will Have to Switch to USB-C Soon

Earlier this year, the EU made it a mandate for all smartphone manufacturers to use a common charger for all applicable products. And now we have a date, where in Apple has to make the switch by December 28, 2024. Any device manufactured after that date that wishes to sell …

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