As we have discussed earlier, Apple Supplier Confirms New iPhone 15 With NO BUTTONS.

FPT got a shareholder letter from one of Apple’s suppliers to confirm the NO BUTTON theory. It reveals some extremely interesting details about the impending iPhone 15 Ultra.

Apple supplier stated in a letter to shareholders that they will continue to “engage with a strategic customer” and “bring a new HPMS component to market next year.”

The HPMS they’re referring to are the high-performance mixed-signal chips. Which are basically haptic drivers in the iPhone’s Taptic Engine.

Cirrus Logic even held an earnings call with analysts this month, and CEO John Forsyth gave a general timeline for these new components hitting the market as the “back half of next year,” conveniently aligning with the release of the iPhone 15 series.

The biggest change to our thinking here is to model $1 of new content in the IP15 Pro models… When looking at potential use cases, the largest change in new iPhone models next year is the removal of the buttons, which would require additional drivers for the haptics engine, making it the most likely use case for new content.Cirrus Logic CEO, John Forsyth

At least for the time being. We could see Apple abandoning this concept, but the fundamentals are sound. This would bring Apple one step closer to eliminating the charge port entirely if they so choose.

Unfortunately, there are numerous advantages to removing standard buttons. Water resistance, less moving parts to break, and so on.

The analyst/leak game on the iPhone 15 (and Ultra) is pretty fast, so let’s see what the next year has in store for us!

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