It was just a matter of time until Elon Musk clashed with two of the world’s most powerful corporations: Apple and Google. Although it hasn’t happened yet, Musk has made the suggestion that he might need to create a backup phone.

Twitter is going to reintroduce the Twitter Blue or Verified Blue function, which will cost users $8 to use. Because this would be an in-app purchase, Twitter will have to pay the fee to Apple and Google. While Musk has not stated what he will do if this occurs, a video podcast presenter proposed in a tweet that he create an alternate phone to iOS and Android.

This Made Elon Musk to Think About Creating an ‘alternative’ phone to iPhone and Android

“I certainly hope it does not come to that,” Elon Musk responded, “but, yeah, if there is no other choice, I will build an alternate phone.”
The concept itself does not appear to be too radical, but putting it into action and making it work will be far too tough.
What do you think, a new smartphone from Elon Musk ?