We all know how much Google Chrome is a power- and memory-hungry browser. And though it’s very late in the market to address the issue, Google is now rolling out an update that will include two new optimization features.

Now we already have many browsers in the market and this update should have been rolled out earlier and should have been addressed. But now, Google has announced the development of a battery-saving and memory-saving feature for Chrome on desktop. The new performance settings will be available to everyone on Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS starting today and should be available globally in the coming weeks.

According to Google, memory saver mode will cause the browser to use 30% less memory than it did previously. The function is meant to keep your tabs running smoothly.
The battery saver only activates when the battery level on your computer falls below 20%. When you reach 20%, the setting will begin to limit background activity and visual effects on websites that use animations and videos.

If you’re happy with Chrome as it is, the company says you can disable either setting. Furthermore, a memory saver will allow you to exclude specific websites from the feature.