iPhone SE 4, Apples affordable line up is soon to hit the market. But that has still a long way to go. Apple is working on a revised version of the low-cost iPhone SE. And which we all know will include some significant upgrades to put it in line with the top iPhone lineup.

The Display for iPhone SE 4

And we know that, no new iPhone SE is due until 2024, we’re already hearing speculations. Renders seem to be like confirmation these days. Hence, here is what we are expecting from the so called Most Affordable Apple iPhone.

As we all know that, the body or frame would be very similar to the iPhone XR. If you remember the iPhone XR featured a 6.1-inch display. And many rumours say that Apple is eyeing a 5.7 to 6.1-inch display for the handset.

Jon Prosser and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believe Apple will adopt a 6.1-inch panel for the new iPhone SE, while display analyst Ross Young believes Apple is considering both 5.7-inch and 6.1-inch display possibilities. Young added that Apple has not yet finalised its plans for the ‌iPhone SE‌ 4, so both ideas are still viable.

The Design of iPhone SE 4

We have seen the latest and current third-generation iPhone SE, modelled after the iPhone 8. And to my surprise as i not a big fan of small designs, the iPhone SE 3 measures 4.7 inches and is the only iPhone with broad bezels and a Touch ID Home button.

This is poised to change with the upcoming iPhone SE upgrade, with speculations indicating that Apple is planning a new design. The fourth-generation iPhone SE will have an all-display design similar to Apple’s top series. That with the Home button replaced with another identification method.

Well it is mostly said that the iPhone SE 4 could resemble the 2018 iPhone XR, a handset with rounded edges rather than the squared off design of recent iPhones.

LCD or OLED in iPhone SE 4

The iPhone SE is the only remaining iPhone with an LCD display, and the rest of Apple’s iPhones have OLED displays. Since the iPhone 12, Apple has employed only OLED technology in its flagship iPhones.

It’s unclear whether Apple will use LCD or OLED technology for the iPhone SE 4, but Young thinks both are options. Apple is investigating two suppliers’ 6.1-inch OLED screens, as well as 5.7 to 6.1-inch LCDs. The iPhone SE is significantly less expensive than other iPhones. And the expense of OLED may force Apple to pick for an LCD instead.But OLED pricing may have dropped sufficiently for Apple as they seem to already have made the transition.

The NOTCH in iPhone SE 4

Apple is expected to use notch from the iPhone XR in the upcoming iPhone SE.

A notched display will help Apple to have front-facing camera, that could support Face ID. And also the TrueDepth camera system given the cost of the hardware.

Will we get Touch ID or Face ID in iPhone SE 4?

It seems like Apple has been moving away from Touch ID. And to a surprise the iPhone SE is the last iPhone featuring Touch ID. Because Face ID has been available since 2017, Apple may decide to implement it with the next-generation iPhone SE.

To sum it up, as It will be available in 2024, the same year as the iPhone 16 series and a year after the iPhone 15. The A16 in the iPhone 14 Pro variants is expected to be used in the basic iPhone 15 models. Hence the iPhone SE 4 is likely to include an A16 chip.