In a recent talk at Berkeley Haas University’s Dean’s Speaker series, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, praised ChatGPT as the “iPhone moment” for artificial intelligence and called it the best thing that has ever happened to the computing industry.

Why ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT has been gaining popularity in the past few months, with more and more companies incorporating it into their products and hundreds of startups being founded based on the technology.

Huang was asked about ChatGPT by a student and emphasized how many people have started using the chatbot in such a short period of time. ChatGPT has already reached 100 million users in its first few months, making it the fastest-growing consumer app in history.

Huang sees ChatGPT as a versatile tool that can write poetry, fill out spreadsheets, write SQL queries, and even write code. He believes that ChatGPT’s program-writing abilities will change the computing landscape, as it democratizes computing in a big way.

Huang predicts that ChatGPT’s growth will result in Nvidia sales of $3 billion to $11 billion across the next 12 months.

While the integration of generative AI services like ChatGPT is on the rise, there are still concerns regarding potential harms, such as feeding users incorrect information, students cheating at exams, and workers using it without informing their superiors.

Huang is very optimistic about ChatGPT’s future, stating that its API can be connected to various programs like PowerPoint, drawing, and photo editing to improve their functionality. He sees ChatGPT’s rapid growth as a game-changing moment in the computing industry.

Huang likens the integration of ChatGPT to the creation of JavaScript, which revolutionized website design, and the advent of the iPhone, which spawned an entire industry of software development.

He further quoted

First of all, ChatGPT is a very very big deal. Just think about it, in just a few days it has reached tens of millions of people. I think it’s more than 5, probably less than 30 and the amazing thing is this, everyone is using it for different reasons and everyone finds it delightful. That’s it miracle

When was the last time we saw a piece of technology that is so versatile that it can solve problems and surprise people in so many ways so often? It can write a poem of course, it could fill out a spreadsheet, it can write a SQL query and do a SQL query, it can write python code, it can write verilog and so you know you can’t do it today but of course, it will be able to do it someday.

So the fact that you have this tool that can do all these different things is really surprising a lot of people around the world. Now for a lot of people who have been working on this, we have been waiting for this moment. This is the iPhone moment of artificial intelligence. This is the time when all those ideas within mobile computing and all that, it all came together in a product that everyone just kinda, I see it.

I can now use it as an API and connect to a spreadsheet, I connect it to PowerPoint, I connect it to a Drawing program, I connect it to a Photo AI program, it will make everything better. So we now know that this is going to be a monumental impact on technology. And now the question is, how quickly will the technology diffuse? I think in the last 60 days, it kinda tells us something that the rate of technology diffusion can be quite high. For example, since ChatGPT came out probably some 500 startups have already happened, and not only that, in about 2 weeks’ time they could make applications that are really delightful and useful.

For the last 40 years, we have made computers harder and harder for people to program and that’s why the technology divide has been so large and the technology divide is getting larger and larger except till 1 day, all of a sudden, everyone can program a computer. You just have to prompt this thing to write a program for you, do something for you, automate something for you.

What OpenAI has done what the team over there has done, genuinely, one of the greatest thing that has ever been done for computing. We have democratized computing in a very very large way. and so I am very excited about that.

NVIDIA CEO – Jensen Huang

The Nvidia Factor

Nvidia is a major player in the AI world, developing both hardware and software that is used extensively in the industry. Huang’s enthusiasm for ChatGPT has certainly helped boost the company’s share price, which has increased by 33% in a month. Moreover, the integration of ChatGPT by large technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and Baidu, points to a new era of AI development.

However, the rise of generative AI has raised some concerns regarding its potential misuse. As ChatGPT and similar services become more prevalent, there is a risk that users may unknowingly be provided with incorrect information.

Moreover, it could facilitate cheating at exams and other academic assessments. Some workers may use it without informing their supervisors, leading to potential data security breaches. These concerns underline the need for increased regulation and oversight of generative AI technologies.

ChatGPT’s rapid growth and the integration of similar technologies into various products have highlighted the potential of generative AI.

Huang’s enthusiasm for ChatGPT is a testament to the technology’s potential for disrupting the computing industry. However, the rise of generative AI also poses some risks that require regulation and oversight to prevent its misuse.