Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 are among the greatest Android phones available, many people prefer a more traditional smartphone design.

We anticipate a similar trend for the Galaxy S23 next year: minor design tweaks, greater performance, and perhaps a few surprises. Even though Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked presentation is likely a few months away, leaks about upcoming products are already pouring in.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Leaks

A 50MP picture option and a new body form for the Galaxy S23 Ultra have been leaked. According to a slew of rumours, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will feature a new performance mode as well as an early release date.

New benchmarks indicate a significant improvement in power for the CPU in the Galaxy S23 series.
A 200MP photograph, purportedly from the Galaxy S23, has leaked, demonstrating significant improvements above the 108MP comparative image.
This new rumour suggests that the Galaxy S23 will be released in January or February, 2023.

Samsung-Galaxy-S23- Image Credit – smartprix

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Design

The designs are one area where we expect the S23 series to differ between models. We predict virtually little changes between generations, as we did last year, though the two smaller models — a term we use loosely — will most certainly draw influence from their big brother.

Samsung-Galaxy-S23 – Image Credit – smartprix

Samsung has taken design ideas from last year’s S22 Ultra for the Galaxy S23 and S23+. The camera hump that has grown synonymous with the S-series in recent years has been replaced with a reproduction of the protruding lenses from the S22 Ultra. Well and really makes logical to group all three phones together.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Specifications

Samsung maintains very similar internal specifications across all versions. There’s been a surprising lot of fuss about the chipset, which, in principle, shouldn’t be too complex. Samsung relies on Qualcomm’s current flagship CPU throughout most of the world, with an ever-shrinking number of territories receiving an in-house Exynos 2300 chip.

Samsung-Galaxy-S23 – Image Credit – smartprix

Although as per the sources claim, Samsung intends to reintroduce its own silicon, this does not appear to be the case this year. Early Samsung Galaxy S23 rumours suggested that the business will continue with Qualcomm — in this case, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 — perhaps for all markets. That means some Galaxy S23 units might run on an Exynos 2300 rather than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Camera Specifications

Several speculations say that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will include a 200MP camera, which would be a significant upgrade above the 108MP camera seen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung-Galaxy-S23 – Image Credit – smartprix

This camera speculation has recently gained traction; however, another leak suggests that it may not be the second-generation ISOCELL HP3 sensor that Samsung opts for after all, but the older ISOCELL HP1.

However, according to a new report, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will receive a 200MP camera in the form of an unannounced sensor from Samsung, subsequently identified as the ISOCELL HP2, which will outperform the company’s existing HP1 and HP3 200MP cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Battery Specifications

In terms of battery, the Samsung S23 Ultra is expected to have the same 5,000 mAh battery as the S22 Ultra. The anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU that might be spotted in the phone could go a long way toward helping, with a boost to power-management functions.

The Galaxy S23 basic model is expected to get a minor battery boost. According to one report(opens in new tab), the phone’s battery capacity might rise by 5% when compared to the Galaxy S22. Meanwhile, the S23 Plus’s battery capacity may be increased to 4,700 mAh from the current 4,500 mAh.