Are you always looking for great android apps in the play store? Here we have some of the applications that you might be interested in. We have some of the best games and apps for you from the play store.

Lalitham Notification Widget

Well, this application is not free and would cost you around $2.86. But trust me, you should give a try to this Notification Widget application.

Lalitham Notification Widget is basically a notification application, or you can say a widget. And getting notification on the home screen with sorting surely helps. There are a variety of ways to customize.

There are numerous options for customization, you can check Lalitham Notification Widget here.

Talking Tom Time Rush

Who does not love free, we do. And here we have a free game from a very well known franchise. Talking Tom Time Rush is the latest game from the Talking Tom franchise. This one’s mechanics are rather conventional. You traverse a path while dodging obstructions and gathering objects. Players can also find and unlock clothing, cars, and boosters. It’s straightforward, kid-friendly, and adorable. You can check Talking Tom Time Rush application here.

Pivot: Time Tracker

Looking to improve your productivity. We want to track it all the time, this time tracker is not something unique but you will fall in love with this application. Its simple and effective. As the name suggest Pivot Time Tracker application helps you track your daily activity and set goals as well. Seems to be a better option rather than just trying to watch YouTube videos on how to track and set goals. You can download the application Pivot: Time Tracker.

And we know there are plethora of applications on the play store, If we missed any big Android apps or games do let us know. And we will include them in the next post.