Apple devices, according to security researchers, contain some seriously identifying information that could potentially link directly to specific users. Well, that’s kind of scary.

Front Page Tech recently highlighted this issue. Security researchers Tommy Mask and Talal Haj Bakry tweeted their findings about Apple’s device analytic data.

The Findings about Apple’s Privacy

According to the researchers, Apple’s device analytics include an ID called “dsId,”. And “dsld” stands for Directory Services Identifier, a unique identifier to each iCloud account linked directly to specific users. This information can be used to associate user accounts with name, date of birth, email address, stored on iCloud.

Apple has always taken a firm stance on privacy and always portrait how secure user data in iCloud.

Well we are surely expecting some statement soon. As we purchase Apple products especially the robustness for privacy.
Let’s wait for an statement from Apple about this, what do you guys thing about this.